Maintaining Your Bathrooms

One of the rooms in the house that becomes dirtiest the quickest is the bathroom. No matter how often you clean it, the constant spray of water takes its toll and the tiles, the fittings and the walls very quickly go to waste. Here are some of the ways that you can maintain its glory for more than 10 years.

Plug the Leaks

Unless you live in a very hot country where the water evaporates quickly, bathrooms will always have water on its floors. This is normal, but constant water can lead to mould on the walls and marks on the tiled floor. A leaking shower can leave a lot of puddled on the floor which will then slowly evaporate and leave the outline lined in dust and dirt. Over time, these marks accumulate and degrade the tiles. In rare cases, the water that seeps into the walls can even lead to the formation of moss and lichen on the outside and this can cause insects to live in them. Anytime that you notice water dripping out of any faucet in the bathroom, immediately fix it with tape and then call a plumber. See this post if you are looking for reliable repair services.

Reconstruction and Restoration

If the fittings were old to begin with, then you need to restore them in time before moisture makes them worse and causes rust and rot. For instance in a leaky balcony repair Melbourne have to be quick and thorough because otherwise the damage that it causes to the walls and eventually, the foundation, can be massive. Similarly, if a tile becomes chipped in the corner of a bathroom, or the chord of a shower head is broken make sure you fix it immediately because temporary fixes can make it worse once you forget to fix it for real.

Alternate Cleaning

It’s great if you can convince yourself to clean your bathrooms once a week or more. However, no matter how hard you scrub that floor there are always going to be small marks and stains that will build up over time and give your bathrooms an aged look. To clean your bathroom spotless, use industrial strength cleaning agents once a month. These are super strong chemicals and they will scour your floors, the toilet bowl and anything it comes into contact with. Wear strong rubber gloves, a face mask and an apron and let your bathroom ‘breathe’ a bit before you use it again. This way, the floors and walls will look impeccable for a longer time.