Are you searching for affordable but stylish kitchen vanity? Have you heard about benchtops made with marble, granite or reconstituted stones?

Kitchen vanities made of marble and reconstituted stone are durable, affordable and easy to maintain. These can also add a stylish look in your kitchen.

To get the best kitchen vanities of marble and reconstituted stone you should find out the right store. You can search online and find a store based on its varieties of products, reputation and price.

Now, if you are interested to know more about this reconstituted stone and marble, read this article. It will help you get a brief idea on these stones.

About Marbles

There are varieties of marbles available, like Creole, Carrara, Connemara, Etowah marble, etc. Although there are various colors of marbles, but white marbles are the most adorable among all and this white marble is in use since the classical age, mainly for sculptures.

White marble is soft in nature so it’s easy to make things with it. Besides, sculptures that are made by white marble provide a stylish look which inherits life in the sculptures. If we discuss about that type of marble which is used in building construction, then you need to know that sculptures’ marbles and constructive marbles are not same. Constructive marbles are created with calcite, and dolomite. These marbles need polish also which sculptures’ marbles do not need. The constructive marbles is durable for a long time.

Many people use marbles for their house construction not only for their trendy and beautiful look, but also for their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial quality. Yes, marbles have anti-bacterial quality which can help you to keep your home extremely dirt less and offer you a healthy life inside your home. Marble has now become a cultural symbol of traditional taste and refined classes because of the repeated use of Greeks and Romans in their heritage, architecture and sculptures since classical age.

Reconstituted Stone

Also known as ‘engineered stones’, these are created with marble or granite granulated stone with the combination of powder and special polyester. Although this stone looks like marble but it possesses more than a natural marble. You need to remember that, this stone is not composed naturally, but it is created by some elements which make it extremely hard and provide it with a high elegant surface. It can resist scratches, chippers and all type of strains. Nowadays, it is a preferable choice of every constructor, engineer, interior designer and also homeowners because of its eye-catching appearance, variety of colours, strength and so on. This type of stone is now used in kitchen and bathroom to give a new and trendy look. The benefits of using it are low maintenance cost and affordable price.