Training and development of employees are a major aspect of the Human Resources function in every business organization. It is very important to give employees the necessary coaching and development in a timely manner. This will ensure the smooth run of organizations among other advantages. Listed below are some very notable importance of giving your employees timely coaching and development sessions.

Employee Retention

T & D has been identified as major employee retention technique. Most employees who left companies stated lack of training and development programs as the reasons for leaving the organization. When the employees are not educated regularly and developed personally and professionally they tend to start losing interest in their current work role. This is why as a method to reduce the employee turnover it is important that the organizations implement T & D programs for their employees.


These programs also widen the set horizons of the employees. They are able to increase their knowledge on the said matters. And some job roles require that their knowledge be updated regularly. Regular coaching and development sessions will be particularly important in this aspect. You can also give coaching and development programs for employees to step up in their careers. For instance, you can give your junior engineers a welding training on the procedures to move up to the next level as senior engineers and achieve greater levels of productivity.


The increases skill levels are also a benefit of coaching and development programs. It enables you to improve the techniques and work procedures on how things are done. With coaching and development programs a repairing technician can learn how to improve on the welding procedure practiced, presently at the organization. Skills cannot be developed if proper teaching conducted by the correct professionals is not carried out. 


T & D programs are also very important to improve and develop the career prospects of the employees. Employees, tend to look for career progression the company they work. Only if the company gives them proper career progression opportunities will the employees be willing to work in the company.

In conclusion it can be said, that the T & D programs not only focus on developing the knowledge and skills of the person but also the attitudes and personality. Improvement of the personality can be very beneficial to the company and may even be instrumental in increasing the productivity and thus the profitability of the company. The employees will also be more obliging to the rules and regulations and be focused on performing better. The company and the employee both benefit from such programs.