It is a disaster with little children at home. Even though it is not vital to always have an orderly house at least from time to time you’ll have to clean it up to get rid of the utter chaos. Some find it difficult to work in a cluttered environment and some can’t wait until things are clearer. If you are used to being in a very tidy house it won’t be easier to get used to a mess even if it is made by your own children. Vice versa if you grew up in a messy place it won’t give you nightmares when your kids pull everything out. However it is your responsibility to keep the house in a proper manner because if a house is messy it will be much more noticed that it is, than when it is cleaner.Keep simple standards

Granted, you won’t be able to keep the house as you used to before the kids arrived. Things won’t stay or even be there in the right shelf or cupboard at all times. So try to have some easy storage bins for stuff that you’d need to put away in a hurry, when it looks like things are getting out of hand. Keep a few big boxes or baskets; use the living room furniture as storage. Most of all try to work with your children rather than antagonizing them and teach them to put things away properly. It won’t always happen but you can establish some ground rules such as blue basket toys comes out only on Mondays and so on. When the kids invade the kitchen at feeding time they are sure to throw the food and liquid all over the floor. Take preventive measures and install laminate flooring in Sydney prior.

Revisit your décor ideas

When you built this house or moved in, it must have been decorated with fresh ideas; there might have been pictures framed nicely in glass and small knick knacks from trips abroad on tables and on the floor. You’ll have to get rid of all of them. Not to throw them away but at least till the kids are big enough to understand not to tamper with them, hang them in a higher place where the toddlers can’t reach. They should be taught what to touch and what not to, but keeping too many fragile stuff in easy reach is inviting for unwanted trouble and loss of mental peace.

Run the rules right

You won’t be able to keep the military standards with any rule, but making it a habit to sweep every day and keeping -if not everything, but whatever you can- in its place and having a place for everything is the best policy. Be an example by always returning things to where you took them from. Stick to all ground rules such as sweeping every day after the kids are in bed. If you plan to redecorate before kids arrive try right bamboo flooring as it has better resistance to water damage and easier to sweep too. It may do well to update your partner with the rules and ensuring they stick to it as well. Your house is your pride and joy but with kids wrecking it, you sometimes wish it is not so. What it will always be is where your heart lies; because where else would you want to be with your family rather than home sweet home?