Migration is quite common today. Many people move from country to country. Most countries that exist today, exist because of migrations. Even animals migrate looking for food and shelter. Since the early days man migrated from place to place. Due to migration, technology spread and developed rapidly. Compared to many years ago, people can migrate in a short period of time but there are many limitations due to rules and regulation each country enforces. There are many reasons why people would migrate. Here are some of them.

Wage difference

One reason people migrate is due to wage differences. Some professions are paid higher in other countries than the country they’re living in. This motivates people to migrate and seek better pay and prospects for them and their families. Wage differences can be significant from one country to another and this may also result in high competition for the desired profession.

Demand for certain skills

Another popular reason many people migrate is to fill a demanded skill. Usually when a specific skill is in demand, the wage rate is also higher, therefore better pay and prospects. Similarly, a country may have a higher supplier of certain profession than the demand. This means high competition, low wages and unemployment. To avoid this people may migrate to fill the demand somewhere else. For example, Australia may have a demand for people specializing in fiberglass pool renovations and Canada may have an oversupply of them. Therefore, the workers will move from Canada to Australia.

Better living standards

Migration is popular in third world countries where many basic services are limited and hard to come by. Life is much more difficult and people have to survive with the limited resources. This causes people to move out and seek out a better life for themselves. Where somethings are considered a luxury in one country can be considered a general item in another. For example, in some countries pools are considered a luxury while other countries consider it a common amenity while there are many swimming pool renovations and repair are quite common.

War / Human rights violations etc.

War can cause people to migrate. When there’s war, there’s loss of life and destruction. People try to escape to protect themselves and their families. The only mode of escape is to migrate to another country. Similarly, when there’s human rights violations, racism, social issue and so on, people migrate for protection. People migrate as refugees to other countries and seek asylum. This occurs as large scale migration where many refugees migrate all at once.