Unless you are extremely rich, the chances are high that you are constantly looking for ways to cut down on your expenditure and save some money. Anyone who owns a house can and will tell you that the largest expenditure is the paying of your monthly bills and specifically the monthly electricity bill. One of the best ways to combat the problem and cut down on the bills is to make the change towards renewable energy. Taking advantage of renewable energy to power everything in your house can drastically reduce or even remove the need to pay bills. In certain parts of the world, you are even offered tax benefits if you install renewable energy equipment. 

The most common type of renewable energy power for houses is solar power. Most often they are installed on top of the roof but there are certain cases where they are installed in back yards. The maximum power one can get varies according to the latitude and the angle that the panels are installed in and how many panels are installed but on average a few square feet should suffice. There are different ranges of solar powered systems ranging from 3kw solar systems to 5kw solar systems.

If your roof is reaching the end of its usage time, you should think about purchasing solar shingles. While conventional solar panels are mounted on the top of the roof, solar shingles replace your roof entirely. The down side of solar power is that it is only effective when the sun is out so for example, the use of this type of power might stutter during the winter season. If you require electricity when the sun is not out, you will have to go back to using the electricity grid or make use of another type of renewable energy.

While it is true that wind turbines are an option that is not widely used in residential areas they do make an excellent option as long as you have enough land for that purpose. You should know though that wind turbines are ugly and can be a real eyesore and are also quite loud which make it unsuitable depending on where you live. Certain states or countries even restrict or disallow the use of wind turbines. If the disadvantages do not apply to you, then wind power makes for a great option in terms of renewable energy. Wind power is also pretty stable when compared to solar power and a wind turbine or average size can easily provide you with all the power you require.