The school makes a person. It imbibes in a student the basic set of values and skills necessary to become a good citizen for the country, and a good human for the entire human civilization. A child spends average forty to sixty hours at the school every week, and this indicates the opportunity a school has in a child’s life. Having understood this importance, it is equally important that all possible steps be taken to ensure that the school is a place of safety and growth for the students.

Schools should foster creativity

Many educational institutions are highly criticized for their lack of efforts to develop a child’s creativity. Schools, these days, are built as disciplinary institutions, not as an environment that nurtures free thinking, logic and spirit. Instead, schools try to set every student into a particular mold that the school deems fit. This is redundant. This is not what education should be.
Hence, it is important that the administration try to create an environment within the school that keeps the students – happy. Have large spaces for students to communicate and socialize; paint the walls with cheerful colours; strive to connect the students to the beauty of nature. All these efforts are important in molding a wholesome personality.

Safety within school premises

Student safety within the school premises is a factor that demands rapt attention. There have been many cases (far too many, indeed) reported where students have met tragic deaths owing to the negligence of the school. So make sure that any building or structure that ‘invites’ danger is removed. Use the help of a demolition company in Brisbane and bring down any large, old structures that you feel is unsafe.

However, make sure that the demolition company is also made aware of the best times to come to the school, as it may lead to even more risk if they are to start their tasks when children are present. There is nothing called being too careful in this case. On the other hand find a reliable structure services for the safety of the children.

Develop soft skills

Many employers complain that their employees lack the most basic soft skills needed to conduct themselves well in their tasks. This is largely owing to the restricted education environment that mainly focusses on book learning than personal development. Soft skills include basic communication skills, negotiation skills, team work and ability to make sound decisions. An education that fails to nurture these in the student is indeed a failure. Thus the school should play a catalyst role in ensuring that the soft skills development is given adequate attention. This can be through encouraging team work, sports and other leadership activities.