With the increasing technology and rapid growth in every field, it has become very difficult for the people to have leisure time where they can spend with their family in the day to day life. They are busy with their work life throughout the week and want to have rest in the weekend. Hence, many people spend their weekend by reaching a resort or a weekend gateway where they can spend their time with their family or friends. Resorts are nowadays providing a lot of facilities for the people to have perfect entertainment for the whole day. Otherwise, people can visit any tourist places by their own vehicle or using any tourist transport but this takes a lot of time in travelling and visiting the places which can make them restless again for the coming weekdays.

Resorts are generally available in the outskirts of the city where they can have a lot of free space to facilitate many people. People can book the package in the resort based on their plan and cost. If they want to stay overnight for the weekend then they can book the trip for the whole weekend along with stay otherwise they can opt for a day trip where they can enjoy the day and return by the end of the day. Resorts are providing many entertainment options according to the interest of the customers. They mainly provide swimming pools made of fibreglass and water games for both kids and adults. Fibreglass swimming pool installation is done in almost all the resorts as people like choose accommodation poolside where they can spend their private time.

Adventurous games will be arranged for the people who are interested in such kind of activities. Hill climbing, bungee jumping and racing track are most commonly available activities in the resorts. It is very entertaining and comfortable to spend the time in the resort for the people but it takes a lot of maintenance and manpower to provide all these facilities to the customers for the resort management. The resort has to be updated frequently according to the latest trends and themes so that they can compete with the other resorts. Swimming pools have to be installed using Fibreglass swimming pool installation near the private pool areas which can give a very classy look to the place and that needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly to have the same look.

Food must be prepared with varieties of dishes where people can enjoy the new tastes and sometimes complimentary food is also included in the complete package that is booked by the customers. Golf courts and long cycle tracks are one of the latest trends in resorts where people can enjoy their rides in the beautiful nature without pollution. Group activities can bring new refreshment to the resort stay.